[CMT] Working on Composite Face assignment in GIMP/Photoshop

Today I introduced some techniques used in working on the composite face assignment which is due on Wednesday. If you complete it early – choose a new set of faces and work on another one, then submit your best work.

Here are some tips:

  • use a transparent layer on the top of the stack – draw some marks on it for eyes, nose, mouth, outline of face, etc to use as a guide to align the facial features of the other layers
  • use the scale tool to make the faces bigger or smaller
  • use the rotate tool if necessary
  • use the move tool (choose “move active layer”) in order to align the facial features
  • remember that if one element appears on top of another in the stack of layers, it will cover up the ones underneath
  • use layer masks to show only the parts of the layers you want to be part of the picture
  • use a brush with fuzzy edges for smooth transitions between the different elements
  • to match skin tones you can use the levels to darken or lighten
  • to match skin tones you can create a colour layer of a darker skin-like colour, then blend with the one below using the “overlay” blend mode